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What do you really need to know when deciding about buying chairs and tables?

More and more new forms of chairs and tables appear on the market. Some of them follow fashion taking on newer and more extravagant shapes. It should be remembered, however, not to forget about the basic function of a chair and table. The chair, in addition to its appearance, should be, above all, comfortable and durable. The table, on the other hand, should be solid and functional. An appropriate adjustment of the seat elements to the anatomical requirements of the user means to provide protection of the spine and a seating comfort. An ergonomic chair is the one that forces an erect position of the body at which the spine retains its natural shape. The seat surface should be properly shaped, especially its front edges must be slightly rounded.

The seat cannot be too deep for the sitting person to use the backrest effectively.The standard seat height measured from the floor to the top of the seat is 44 - 46 cm. Chairs should not be viewed in isolation from the table, because they are two interrelated components and must be assembled in such a way that they provide the right comfort and ergonomics of use. The distance between the seat and the edge of the table should be about 30 - 37 cm, and the difference between the height of the seat and the bottom of the table should be at least 19 cm. The standard height of the table measured from the floor to the upper table edge is 74 - 76 cm. The number of chairs standing at the table and the amount of space needed to lay out the tableware for the people using it depend on the size of the table. One person needs a table space with a width of 60 cm and a depth of 40 cm. The chair which should be movable freely away requires 80 cm of free space.These values ​​form the basis of designing. It should be remembered that adhering to the above principles will ensure that the furniture in our restaurant will be best matched to the various heights and postures of our customers.



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